TACTIC Now Available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Hey Community, 
As some of you may already know, TACTIC has been available for some time now in the cloud on Amazon Web Services Marketplace.
We've gotten some really positive responses so far from cloud users, and also some comments about how we can improve. 
Do you use TACTIC in the cloud? We'd love to hear about you experience. Do we get an A+? Do we need improvement? Leave us a comment below... 

Spam Prevention

Dear Community Members,
Effective immediately in an effort to protect the TACTIC community from spammers, we will be moderating the addition of all new members. This does not affect existing members and we will work hard to ensure that this will only be a slight inconvenience to those new members while they are awaiting approval.  Thank you for your understanding.  We will do our best to process new applicants as expeditiously as possible.


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