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Retrieving Status Pipeline Values

Hi guys, We need to retrieve all the possible values for a Status via Python so we can feed them into a Combo Box, just as we do in the web interfase, but we are not being able to hit the nail on this. Does anyone know how can we do that? Thanks in...

Not able to create Processes through template

TACTIC Version :- 4.5.0.v01 Download Type :- Enterprise Operating System :- Ubuntu 14.04 Summary :- Hello there, I want to create the processes through the config_process.spt template file. but somehow i am not able to insert processes into the...

Installation Error

Am getting the following error when i execute install.py   RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp   am trying to install TACTIC in ubuntu 15.04       

Bid Start & Due Date PROB

Hi Everyone! Bid Start(bid_start_date) and Due(bid_end_date) are having a date of one less what is assigned in Schedule. i.e if 19 is assigned in Schedule, 18 is appearing in Bid Start.  Plz suggest

Sidebar is missing for non-admin users after setting newly created index page

TACTIC Version :- 4.5.0.v01 Download Type :- Enterprise Operating System :- Ubuntu 14.04 Summary :- Hello All, I want to change the default index page to my newly created index page. so for that i have gone through all the instructions given in...

How to setup tactic using SITES

Question it topic header.   How can i setup tactic using sites? Just like in portal.southpawtech.com, where you can log in and have only YOUR projects.

Thumbnail cannot be displayed

Hi, I have just installed Tactic version 4.5v01 in CentOS 6.2. I followed all steps inside Tactic System Administrator and everything went fine. However, I have a problem with upload files. When I am creating a new project and I upload an image, the...


Hi Everyone!! I am having the problem of "CHECK-OUT", check-in is properly though. Please HELP!!!!! Windows Server 2008 R2 Tactic is installed on \\ Asset folder is placed on \\

how to setup the stype like follow

hi,  i am the new user for tactic. i just download the tacitic team software. now i installed it .but i can't to handle it to setup for my team.i am in China. now the file structure in my file server like the follow picture display ....

what distribution linux recommendated?

Hi everybody! first, excuse my english. My questions is this. I need install TACTIC at linux server distrbution, but I don't know what distribution is more compatible with TACTIC. what distribution linux server recommendated?

Implementation support required for Tactic

Hi, We need support for tactic implementation in our organization. Please contact cilgo@shaik.net for further details. Regards Cilgo George

Looking for someone who can implement Tactic for a design firm

Hi, We are looking for an expert who can implement Tactic in our organization(Design & Media).   Regards Cilgo George  

Conversion feature

Hi, Please help me to find out the option to convert image formats(JPG, GIF, PNG etc.) and sizes in Tactic. Is that option available in Tactic   Regards Cilgo George

Email Handler Class

Hi guys,   I'm really dying for a better documentation on how to utilize the build in email handler classes. Based on the existing documentations:  http://community.southpawtech.com/tactic-setup_setup_advanced-notification-setup.html...

Is there any option to create sub projects in Tactic?

Hi, Is there any option to hadle projetcs with in a project (as sub projects)? Please help. Regards Cilgo George    

Is wordpress plugin available for Tactic?

Hi, Is there a wordpress plugin available for Tactic? Regards Cilgo George

Tactic Team - Assets, CheckIn, Review

Hey to all! Few years I'm looking into Tactic and now I decided to try it. I own a small studio, we use a local management system named Generation (now ships with BMD Fusion) and all is fine. I did a full script-based pipeline between Fusion, Houdini...

Source external javascript - Custom Layout Editor

Is there a way to source a javascript from a file location in the Custom Layout Editor? Something like: <head> <script src="/path/to/script/example.js"></script> </head> Would this need to be done in the...

filename in CONFIG/NAMING ???

Hi , just one quick question, in the config/naming view, if i want to tell tactic to just set the original filename of a checkin process of files how what is the code i have to put under filenaming?? Currently i have {filename}.{ext} but not sure it is...