Checking in to a Perforce Repository

Perforce checkins in TACTIC work in a similar way to classic TACTIC checkins. Both check files or directories in to a process in a pipeline using the full checkin widget. The difference is where the file goes - the TACTIC repository or a Perforce one.


Note: This feature is only available in TACTIC 4.1.
Note: This requires a java applet on your browser, and a Perforce server with a user and workspace to connect to.

Setting up the repo type of a process

1) Choose a process within a pipeline to check in to Perforce. In TACTIC’s admin view, navigate to the process table (“project essentials” > “process” in the sidebar).
2) Use the column manager to display a hidden column called “repo type”.
3) For the Perforce process, type in “perforce” in the “repo type” column.

Using the Perforce checkin

1) Set up a task under the Perforce process for an sObject belonging to the sType which has the Perforce process.
2) If the full check-in widget is not in view, use the column manager to add it as a column.
3) Open the check-in widget for the task created. You will likely get notifications about the use of Java, allow it to run.
4) A pop-up will ask you for 4 fields: the Perforce server IP, username, password, and workspace. Fill out all this information and connect.
5) If a prompt asks you to install the TACTIC client libraries, click okay.
6) Use the check in widget to either browse to a file or directory, or to open your sandbox. Select a file or directory to check in.
7) You have the option to add a note to the check in. This will add a description to the perforce changelist.
8) Click check in. You can view the submitted changelist in Perforce.