checkout icon not working on the cloud

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checkout icon not working on the cloud

Hello All,
   So I built a demo of what our pipeline could be on the VM using the tactic version 4.5 image provided in the downloads page. it works pretty good. but I'm having trouble with getting it working on the cloud. the client tools I devised work great with the 4.5 api. the cloud server is 4.3 and I had to go to an earlier version of the api to get everything working smooth. The problem comes in with the master dashboard and asset browsing tools that I made. 
 basically I have a view that takes all the assets logged into a table and returns a list of preview images so the user can visually browse for assets. 
so when I try to build a list of images like this
self.thumbs.append(server.checkout(search_key, "icon", version=version, to_dir=self.filePath, mode="download"))
 it works on the local vm version 4.5. but I guess the cloud, or version 4.3 won't let me have assets checked in with icon set as the context. switching back to my local returns everything to a working state but when I go to the cloud it gives me the following error.
line 1: Fault: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\bin\\ line 799: <Fault 1: 'Snapshot for [world/model?project=world&code=BasicCone_GEO] with context [icon] does not exist'> # 
all of the assets get made with a default preview image. so everything has at least one icon checked in when the asset is made. what is different on the cloud that doesn't allow me to access the icon as a context. 
  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


This error "Fault 1" is a server error, so the stack trace would be found there.  It would be useful if you ran TACTIC in debug mode and showed the stack trace on the server.  This would show the exact line number.
If I had to guess, if indeed there is a icon context for that search_key in the database, your checkout parameters includes a "version" in the params and this version variable is a version of the icon snapshot that does not exist. Likely, you just want to leave this blank to get the latest.