Connect Tactic Team to a Central Server

Tactic team by default connects to a Tactic server running on your local computer (http://localhost:9123) but, Tactic Team can also be used as a client browser replacement to connect to a central Tactic server. One advantage of using the Tactic Team as a browser is that it bypasses the browser security and Java issues.  Tactic Team uses Python to directly communicate with your computer. 
For example, you may have a cloud server you would like to connect to with the address The instructions below take you thourgh the steps to configure Tactic this way.
Note this is only supported in Tactic Team 4.1.0.v02+
Windows Team
1) Once team is installed, right click on the "Tactic 4.1" shortcut and choose properties
2) For the Target (ie "C:\Program Files (x86)\TACTIC 4.1\TACTIC.VBS") append the path to your server like the following example
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\TACTIC 4.1\TACTIC.VBS"
3) When you load this link, it will now use the team app to connect to your central (POC) server instead of the local team install.
MAC Team

1) Open a "Terminal" app.

   To find the Terminal app, go to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities ->
2) In the Terminal app, input the following:
   cd /Applications/
   (append the URL to you POC tactic install to the end of the following line):

   ./python/bin/python ./bin/

    For example:
   ./python/bin/python ./bin/

   (save the file, to do that in vi, hit colon ":" and then input "wq")
3) Now, when you start TACTIC Team, it will go directly to that URL as the first page and yo will be able to interact through the Tactic Team window instead of the browser.