getting supervisor email from task

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getting supervisor email from task

hi m using tactic 4.5.1v01 on ubuntu 14.04
we have two supervisors for animation , so i want to sent a mail to the task's supervisor rather than sending to all the supervisor ,
when i use this expression in the triger to send mail , both the supervisor gets the mail,in the docs they have mentioned to use @GET(sobject.supervisor) , but when we use it , nothing happens
however  when we use this it works ,@GET(sthpw/login['login',@GET(sthpw/task['code','TASK00000003'].supervisor)].email) the task's supervisor gets the mail,
since the task keeps changing i altered the code to
when i run this i keep getting "Incorrect syntax found for @GET(sthpw/task['code',{@GET(.code)"
can someone suggest me what should i alter it would be really helpfull