How to update the default project templates

To update the default project templates, you can manually copy them to the TACTIC_DATA_DIR in older versions of TACTIC

If you are using TACTIC prior to version 3.9.0.v06 and you want to have the updated default project templates, you need to copy them manually from the source code located in your <TACTIC_INSTALL_DIR>.

Let's assume your <TACTIC_DATA_DIR> is /home/apache/tactic_data

You need to copy the content in the  folder:




There should be 2 zip files in the source. If the destination folder "templates" does not yet exist, you can create it first and it should be owned by the user running the Apache Web Servier process (e.g. apache) in Linux.

If you are upgrading to 3.9.0.v06, this should be automatic when you run the upgrade script ( in <TACTIC_INSTALL_DIR>/src/bin.