Search Quick start

Search Quick start

TACTIC provides two main search tools; the Simple Search and the Search Box.

Simple Search

The Simple Search provides a view specific filters. To use the simple search:

  1. Load a view of items in your project. In this example a Keywords field is provided and an Asset Category drop-down narrows down the search even further.

  2. Fill in the desired search and click the search button.

  3. The results view will automatically refresh once the search is complete.

Search Box

The Search Box can be used to conduct more complex searching in TACTIC. To test a few examples, load a view of items in a project which have Tasks. In this example the view is an Asset view.

  1. To Search for all assets with an asset category of 'video' , in the following criteria;

    Filter -> "Asset Category" "is" "video"

  2. To Search for all assets with an asset category of; 'video', '3d', and 'document', enter the following;

    Filter -> "Asset Category", "in", "video|3d|document"

  3. To search all assets described in example 2 and also include tasks that are approved, enter the following;

    Filter -> "Asset Category", "in", "video|3d|document"

    Children -> "Task", "Status", "is", "Approved"

  4. To find all tasks assigned to the user currently logged in, a simple expression can be used;

    Children -> "Task", "Assigned", "is", "{$LOGIN}"

  5. To find all assets with a category of 'video' and keyword of 'car' or a code that contains 'car';

    Set the top option in the drop-down box to "Compound Search";

    Filter -> "Asset Category", "is", "video"

    and (click between the filters to activate the and/or)

    Filter -> "Keywords", "contains", "car"

    or (shift-click between the filters to group the filters)

    Filter - > "Code", "contains", "car"

  6. To execute complex searches using an expression to find all assets which have check-ins with versions higher than 1;

    Filter -> "**Expression", "have", "@SOBJECT(sthpw/snapshot['version', '>', 1])"