Tasks Quickstart

Tasks Quickstart

After inserting a new item into a project, often the first things to do is to create a new task, assign it and have the appropriate user work on it.

  1. Load any view of items you wish to track tasks for.

  2. If the task status edit column is not in your view, you can add it with the column manager or switch the Layout to "Task Schedule"

  3. If no tasks exist, click the (+) icon in the task status edit column. Another option is to select the items and choose Tasks -> Add Tasks to Selected from the Gear Menu. Both approaches will load the task insert pop-up.

    For now, click create tasks to create tasks for all process available in the pipeline.


    If a pipeline has not been setup for the particular Type you will not see any processes available in the UI. This will require building a pipeline which is covered in the TACTIC Setup Documentation

  4. Once tasks are created, you will be able to assign them to users, assign dates, priority etc.