What is Searching?

What is Searching?

With the basis of TACTIC being data (information) storage, a large aspect of working with TACTIC is searching. When looking for items in the project, specific properties are used when conducting a search. Below are some example of typical searches in TACTIC:

  • Tasks with status in review

  • Find items by category

  • Search by Keywords

  • Tasks Due this week

  • Tasks Past Due

  • Work entered in the current week

  • ....and more

Often times, these searches are used daily so having to fill out the search criteria could be redundant. In TACTIC, views can be saved as links in the sidebar which include the search criteria. This in turn causes the view to become a live report which is always up to date.

Searches in TACTIC are carried through 2 primary interfaces:

Simple Search

The simple search allows for a simple set of search options for a view.

For the Keywords Search, after inputting the search criteria, either hit the enter key on the keyboard or the Search button to run the search.

Partial Word Match Check Box

The check box next to the Keywords Search provides an option to find matches on words that contain the input criteria.

For example, if the search criteria is "truck" with the partial word match checked on, example results would include "truck", "dumptruck" and "loadertruck".

Otherwise, if partial word march is not checked on, the results would only include words that match the whole word: "truck".

Operators: Is / Is Not / Contains

In the above example, for the Asset Category, the first drop down provides an operator so that searches can be performed using: is, is not, contains

The last drop down menu provides a selection of possible values for the Asset Category to search against.

Search Box (Advanced Search)

The Search Box can be used to execute simple to very complex searches.